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About  Us

About Us

Our Story

Incorporated contemporary design and usability-aesthetics, KAYYSA creates a perfect blend of masculinity and beauty art piece. KAYYSA is inspired by early female explorers who took adventure into their own hands. Like those explorers, we encourage women on whatever their dream are to just


KAYYSA, founded by a passionate designer Warisa K. in 2018, is a contemporary genuine leather brand based in Bangkok, Thailand with a silhouette of beauty yet settled women who capable of anything.

Our Design


The Kayy Voyage arrives with a depth of style and luxurious experience. Masculine shape and line yet elegant and delicate, combining with shrunken finish genuine leather and finest goat suede lining, creates a stunning centerpiece for any performance.

The Kayy Voyage collection is inspired by navy vintage apparel of women and their milestones throughout the world. Distinguished design for WORK and PLAY from dawn till dusk. Showcasing in three models

  • The Odyssey lady bag
  • The Amor bracelet bucket bag
  • The Cruise flap bag

Altogether, the Kayy Voyage is ready to navigate the endless extravaganza journey.

Attention to Details


Over 40 years of devotion to leather craftsmanship, our artisans’ knowledge and skill are immeasurable. Every stich on the leather has been delicately taken care of to ensure that only the best quality bags are delivered to our customers. Every attention to details is put together to create our KAYYSA masterpieces.


As we believe in attention to details, only the highest quality materials are used in KAYYSA. Our genuine leather with shrunken finish creates a durable structure. And after combining with soft and finest genuine goat suede lining that most other brands deem too expensive to use, we were able to create a truly luxurious experience within our bag. With good care, the bag can be your true companion through the test of time.


A beautiful yet strong and settled creature, a horse symbolizes energetic, determination, intelligence and beauty – the characteristics that modern women represent. Like KAYYSA, we always support every woman to know her ability and passion, and to just “GO FOR IT”.