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All leather products of KAYYSA are genuine leather which is very durable. With proper care, KAYYSA can last for decades.

Leather protections

Genuine leathers are prone to damage with too humid or too dry conditions. Keep your beloved KAYYSA from heat, direct sunlight and rain will prolong the life of the leather.
Water and oil can cause patina to the surface of the leather as well. If water spills on the leather, immediately wipe off with a soft dry cloth can prevent the stain.
Some products - ink, perfume and oil - can leave permanent stain on the leather. Frequent contact with dark textiles can leave undesirable stain. In order to make sure that your KAYYSA stays in shape, please do not overload it; otherwise, the original shape may not be recovered.

After care and storage

After using KAYYSA, wipe it with soft dry cloth and store it in optimal environment, including store it inside the dust bag to ensure that your KAYYSA bag received its best care. Our dust bag is made of 100% finest cotton fabric. The distinct characteristic of cotton fabric is soft and airy which prevent the leather from scratches and maintain its durability.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]